Tips for Business Casual Attire for Women

What is the guideline of wearing business casual attire for women? Working in a new office can be pretty complicated. You must do various adjustments in order to be able to blend in with other employers and meet your boss’ expectation. One of the adjustments that you must do is regarding your business attire. If your new workplace requires you to wear business casual attire, you must know which is acceptable which is not.


Based on the Business Casual Reviews, the acceptable colors for business casual attire are neutral colors. You can wear business attire in grey, black, beige, brown, or khaki. Meanwhile the shirts that you can wear are button down shirts, cotton shirts, blouse, and sweaters. Those shirts however, must not too dressy and too revealing. The pattern must be acceptable. For the skirts, the hem must be below the knees. The pants that are acceptable are linen pants, khaki, and corduroy pants. In wearing business casual attire, you must match it with the suitable shoes. Some of them are open-toed shoes, leather shoes, and flat shoes. In addition, you must also wear minimalist jewelry and accessories.


Those are some tips on wearing business casual attire to your office. As women, you have abundant of choices and styles of blouse and shirts but you must think about whether they are suitable or not if you are going to wear one of them to the office. To be safe, observe how your co-workers dress on the first days.

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